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Vacuum Bell

The vacuum bell device was developed in 2005 by Eckart Klobe, over a decade ago and though not used regularly outside certain centres its has as gained a lot of publicity due to the fact it offers one of the only truly non-surgical treatments for pectus excavatum. Amongst doctors treating pectus excavatum the vacuum bell is increasingly being used as a way of lifting the breastbone temporarily during the NUSS procedure to allow the bar to be safely inserted behind the breastbone. Otherwise, there are some reports of good results in young patients with pliable anterior chest walls though long-term results and application in older patients remains less clear.

After an initial consultation we will assess the most appropriate treatment method for your pectus deformity. Whether it be invasive or non-invasive, we ensure your treatment will be of the highest quality, tailored to your individual needs. Following a 3D scan, If the vacuum bell is considered an option careful measurement and positioning of the vacuum bell over the pectus and then application of suction to bring the sternum forward will be undertaken as part of the assessment. It is worn several hours each day over 6-12 months in patients with pliable pectus excavatum. However, the long term results are still undergoing medical assessment.

Klobe Vacuum Bell
Types of Klobe Vacuum Bell: the pectus clinic works with Eckart Klobe, the inventor and manufacturer of the Klobe Vacuum bell, the first device developed specifically to offer a non-surgical treatment for pectus excavatum (photo provided by Eckart Klobe).