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Abe is truly delighted and the before and after pictures are so impressive [Pectus Carinatum]

October 2018

Abe, aged 13 years with severe pectus carinatum

Over only three weeks my son developed a very obvious abnormality on his chest. We were able to document the exact time because we had been on holiday in August and the chest deformity was not present in our holiday photographs. By the start of school year, it was obvious, even under layers of school uniform. Over the course of a year, we realised that it was not going to go away. A trip to a conventional consultant noted the deformity was acute and we were told that surgery would be the only way forward. And that we would have to wait several years before the operation could take place. As a parent, I googled. I know this is a lay person’s pursuit and not medically recommended but we found two amazing doctors, Ian and Joe, that use ‘bracing’ of the chest, rather than invasive surgery. They have a fabulous rapport in their medical consultations with young people and explain every part of the procedure with patience and respect. They are an impressive double act. My son’s chest, a year later, is sorted much to my son's relief. We are all delighted and thank Ian and Joe so much. We would happily recommend their services to other parents. [email from mum]

Pectus Carinatum Before

Pectus Carinatum After