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External compressive bracing for pigeon chest [Pectus Carinatum]

April 2022

[email to the pectus clinic]
Dear Mr Hunt and Pectus Clinic,

The outcome of the Pectus bracing treatment has, quite frankly, changed my life (for the better, of course). This is just a quick thank you email to compact my gratitude filled thoughts together for you to acknowledge. The bracing was very comfortable, adaptable and almost completely inconspicuous to others which was something I was concerned about when starting off. I have even felt that, somehow, sticking to the bracing schedule has trickled into other aspects of my life and subsequently improved them(academic motivation/daily routines) so I thank you also for that. Also, regarding my chest, I'm sure you are aware that I was very self conscious regarding the appearance of my chest beforehand; this has all but diminished and left me in a state of perpetual harmony so I feel very able and confident to show my chest and not feel any worries about doing so--especially in social situations. Overall, I feel the tremendous correction that bracing has achieved for my chest will impact me for the rest of my life for the better, and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from Pectus Carinatum. Additionally, I also admired and appreciated how professional and attentive Mr Hunt was on articulating the programme to fit my needs; how Tracey would answer my Mum so quickly to resolve any queries I had. Thank you very, very much.
Kind regards,
Niall Q